The Top Tinies We Love This Valentine’s Day


By 2009 the tiny house OG, Jay Shafer, has built and was living in the tiny house that initiated the modern tiny house movement as we know it. Called the Epu, the 120 square foot tiny house on wheels is the design that captivated the imaginations of so many. Between the pitched roof, the sleeping loft, the off-grid capabilities, and the towability, Jay’s home is nothing short of swoon-worthy!



While not a tiny house on wheels, Factory 63, an old shoe factory-turned-residential-complex in the Fort Point neighborhood of South Boston, is a four-year-old building with  23 of the coolest micro-apartments. The units range from 374 to 597 square feet, and while not exactly inexpensive in regards to monthly rent ($1,677 to $2,450 per month). the micro-apartments feature exposed brick, stainless steel kitchen appliances, eco-friendly washers and dryers, a pull-out sofa for friends and family to visit, TV cabinet, and weather efficient windows.

Factory 63


At 400 square feet some tiny house purists may have a hard time calling this beautiful and sleek, modern L-shaped home a “tiny house.” But considering the home is actually two L-shaped units joined together by a deck, and set on a cinderblock foundation, it is very much a tiny house. What makes it something we love so much is that it includes a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and loft bedroom. Even more than that the Amplified was designed with high ceilings, ample windows, and two custom garage doors to let in more light. Be still my beating heart!



A one-bedroom cabin nestled underneath a canopy of tall redwood trees, the Big Sur Cabin in Glen Oaks sits on a wooded lane across from the Big Sur River. If you close your eyes you can almost hear the romantic sounds of the river rushing by and smell the sweet foliage surrounding the giant Redwoods. Just as one would expect, Big Sur has a cast iron stove, an antler chandelier, plush, oversized furniture, and a beautiful clawfoot soaking tub. With its large two-person walk-in shower and heated floors, who could resist the spot as a weekend (or longer) romantic getaway?

Big Sur


A set of 16 cottages in Kennebunkport, Maine, these cozy, coastal cottages, are like a page out your favorite romance novel, albeit a more turn of the 20th-century setting. Each cottage boasts a patio and petite garden as well as lush landscaping visible from all windows. At 287 square feet, this French Provincial cottage features both new and antique furnishing in a one-bedroom setting. The rest of the cottage is an open space with exposed beams, wainscoting, and pops of blue and yellow. We can imagine incredible springs morning and summer evenings spent at this easy-to-love cottage.

What tiny house, cabin, cottage, small house, or tiny house on wheels do you love? Which one has your heart this Valentine’s Day? Let us know. Leave a comment below or move the conversation on to Facebook

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