How To Stay In Shape Even In Your Tiny House

Everyone knows that to stay in shape you have to have access to a gym. Most times that means traveling out of your home to a location that has all the workout equipment you can imagine. Only wealthy people and people with massive amounts of space have home gyms. Why should physical fitness be accessible only to those though? And if you’re living on the road you may not always be able to find a Planet Fitness or national gym franchise. You may not even have room in your tiny house for a set of dumbbells. That said, the post-holiday calories are still lingering around the mid-section, it is cold outside and deserts are typically so warm and cozy. We get it. Trust us. We get it!

That is the impetus for Try It Tiny personally trying to proselytize every gym alternative possible beginning with a workout you can do right in your tiny house! Other than a chocolate torte with raspberry cream, what’s better than finding a workout you can do at home? In fact, you are probably more apt (as we are) to stay committed to good health and exercise when you don’t have to go anywhere.  So come down from the loft, get out of the kitchen, and break a sweat with us!



Metabolic resistance training (MRT) is a type of workout that maximizes caloric expenditure while also increasing your metabolic rate. The basic principles involve working in a circuit with little to no rest in between moves. All you need are a couple of dumbbells weighted for you and the MRT can help boost your calorie burn both during and up to 38 hours after your workout is over! It’s simple, tiny-house friendly, and only requires your attention up to four non-consecutive days per week. Source: SHAPE magazine.


So the ‘in heaven’ part is just a homage to that silly middle school game….what? You’ve never heard of it? We digress. Seriously though, working out for just 7 minutes yet still seeing real results? That is heavenly, to be sure! The New York Times exposed the exercise regimen in 2014, later created an App to track your own 7 minutes, and even presented scientific evidence that backed the claims of the workout. The idea now though is to incorporate a couple of dumbbells to add a bit more resistance and increase results. Source: The New York Times.


So you’re one of those ‘Netflix and Chill’ folks, eh? You find yourself in front of the iPad screen more than anything. Understandable. But why not turn your attention to YouTube and ATHlean-XX? This five-part workout doesn’t involve any equipment, will destroy your legs (in a good way), and is free to watch and/or take part in! This workout can be done right in your living space or even outside if you choose.



You’re pretty good at Texas Hold’em. You can shuffle a deck with the best of them. Then grab a deck of exercise cards and start getting in shape. While the cards aren’t exactly a game they are a great fitness plan that will help you get in shape one card at a time. The deck consists of 40 exercises, 10 stretches, and 6 complete workouts! No equipment needed. Source: WorkoutLabs.


In less than 20 minutes with minimal equipment that is extremely easy to stow away, this total body workout is great to get your mornings started right. With an emphasis on cardio increase and lean strength, you’ll find this “body weight” workout to be all you truly need. Source: PopSugar.

Are you still sitting there? Are you still saying you just don’t have enough room nor enough time in the day to get to a gym? Try one of the workouts above and watch your energy level increase, your stamina increase, and your ability to turn your small space into a complete gym. Then let us know about it by either sharing a photo with us on Instagram or talking it up on our Facebook page

Feature photo courtesy of Samantha Okazaki / TODAY


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