Welcome to Brigantia

I wanna wake up in a city, that doesn’t sleep /
And find your king of the hill, top of the heap /
Your small town blues, they’re melting away /
Don’t make a brand new start of it, in Old New York /
You always make it there, you make it anywhere /
It’s up to you, New York, New York….
Frank Sinatra makes it sounds so glamorous. He makes it sound so alluring. He makes it sound like a bygone era that is doused in spotlights and full of magical melodies. With all due respect Mr. Sinatra probably never had to rent a room in “the city that never sleeps”. In fact, there is a reason no one sleeps in NYC. They can’t afford to! Thankfully, TryItTiny host Kat M. has seen to it that anyone can afford to live out their Big Apple Dreams. Kat is the owner of the very unique and cozy skoolie named Brigantia.
Granted the tiny house on wheels is a shared accommodation (and some folks may have reservations about sharing space on a converted school bus, granted), this option is a dynamic option for a home base while visiting NYC. It is quite simple but altogether perfect for laying your head down after a long day on the fast-paced streets of the Upper West Side, Midtown, or 5th Avenue. You can even cuddle with a cat or two, sit in front of the cozy fire (Yes! The Brigantia has a fireplace), and watch a little Netflix, FaceTime your friends back home, or just watch the busy world pass by!
In addition, the skoolie is safe and secure and parked close to all modes of transportation as well as cafe’s, shops and restaurants. It truly is log cabin style living on wheels in the heart of New York City!
To find out more about this listing or reserve it for your next adventure, visit the property page and contact your host Kat.

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