5 Things To Look For In A Tiny House

The concept behind Try It Tiny is very similar to going to the Chevy dealer, spotting a slate grey Equinox, and taking it for a .7 mile spin around the block, to the 3rd stoplight, through the parking lot of the Gas ‘n Go, and back into the show lot. You want to feel for yourself if the turning radius is as advertised. You want to feel if it handles like your Honda Accord. You want to hear the Bose sound system cranked up on your kids’ favorite Trolls song. You want to try it before you buy it. By renting a property through Try It Tiny you an do much the same. You book for as many nights as you like and open up the world of compost toilets, sleeping lofts, and wood-burning stoves. The following 5 items will help you find a property to rent that will appeal to both who you are now and who you want to be once living tiny.


Before anything, check out the location. If the tiny house sits beachfront, have a quick run through Google Maps to see if the beach is an inviting one or if it is rocking sand with unswimmable water. Living the tiny life is about turning the world into your living room and no one wants their living room to feel like 60-grit sandpaper.

tiny house in a landscape


This is a popular complaint of people who rent more traditional mountain cabins. While the view is pristine once there, getting there is nothing short of the Baja 1000. The gravel driveway is narrow and steep. When wet it becomes almost impassable. Parking is actually at the bottom of the hill where you are to carry your overnight bag and other sundries from. Be sure to ask the host questions about access to the tiny house if they aren’t clearly explained in the listing or welcome packet.


The listing you are in love with features a hot tub and sauna just off the main house. It is like an oasis of relaxation. But you are no Calamity Jane and you prefer to not soak in the untamed prairies of who-knows-where. You would like there to at least be a dim light on the path so if you decide to steam at night you are able to navigate there safely as well as keep an eye on curious wildlife.


What’s that? You prefer a mattress and not a 4″ piece of auto upholstery with a duvet cover? Perhaps you should look at another property then. There are some tiny houses with some amazing beds. From SleepNumber to Sealy, TempurPedic to Tatami, there is a bed for everyone and you would be advised to rent a tiny house with accommodations befitting of your standards.



Morning coffee is as American as apple….well, it is universal. A large number of people groups wake up to a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Of course, that involves hot water and, well, water in general. A good rule of thumb is to find out or to be sure that your rental has access to water in a way you are comfortable with. More remote properties require water to be fetched which means planning ahead for your morning cup of Joe while others have excellent running water provided by a well or even the municipality.

These are certainly not the only things to look for before trying it tiny and they may seem a bit more extreme in nature. Most listings are pretty explicit in these areas and all Try It Tiny hosts are available via email or Try It Tiny messaging, to answer questions or clarify details. With so many wonderful listings you are sure to find the tiny house on wheels that appeals to you and give you the perfect way to try before you buy!

What is your rule of thumb in renting? What do you look for? Let us know in the comments below or share with us on our Facebook page. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: some photos by Becky Green

2 thoughts on “5 Things To Look For In A Tiny House

  1. I have been interested in trying it tiny for some time and need to rent to make sure that’s the way I want to go. I’m interested in renting a tiny house for about a week with functional plumbing for bathroom and kitchen, sleeping on first level and that accepts a 25 pound dog. Preference would be in Georgia, North Carolina. South Carolina, Alabama, or Tennessee. The time frame would be the first week in March. Are there any properties like this that are around $500 a week?

    1. On the home page of the site, use the search tool to enter the location and then have a look at what may fit your bill Judy. We think you’ll find something that interests you!

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