Hosts Can Now Opt For A Cleaning Fee To Be Added

The nickel and dime practices of the travel industry have always been a bit discouraging. From a flight that advertises WiFi but then charges you by the half hour once on board to the sky-high luxury taxes added on to a Priceline hotel booking, consumers have come to expect hidden fees at every turn. The idea of upfront and honest pricing is a thin veil at best! Hidden extras have a way of ruining our vacation budgets.

As of this week though Try It Tiny is making all extra fees more transparent while allowing hosts to charge a cleaning fee in addition to reservation costs. What a breath of fresh air! Fees that are clearly displayed during the booking process. In fact, here is what the guest sees when preparing to reserve a new booking:


Cleaning Display

The decision to allow the charge of additional cleaning fees was a touchy one. Cleaning fees can sometimes seem excessive for a short-term stay. However, cleaning fees can be used as a tool to encourage longer stays as well as keep a tiny house listing in top notch condition for the next guest and the guest after that! A $35 cleaning fee spread out over a 7-night stay is truly not a budget buster at all. Most guests won’t argue with a cleaning fee either so long as it is visible.

TIP: Hosts, be reasonable with what you charge. You don’t want to put off potential guests by pricing yourself out of the market.

So where does a host add a cleaning fee to a listing?

When setting up a new listing you will first need to fill out the Basic Info.

Step 1

You will then walk through the steps of Standard Rates, Rate Adjustments, Detailed Info, and Photos. The Next tab is Fees. At that point, you will see an orange button that will allow Hosts to set a Cleaning Fee.

Cleaning Fee

Adding the Cleaning Fee is nothing more than entering a number and pressing the orange Update button.

Cleaning Fee Entry

Once you update the cleaning fee you will have the option to Preview or Publish the listing. Upon publication, the listing will clearly display all listing descriptions and fees and booking can begin promptly!

Are you interested in becoming a Try It Tiny host? Do you have a tiny house you want to rent out or land you want to rent to a tiny house? 

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