Travel Tips For ‘Keeping It Classy’ On The Road

Yesterday you read about the recent Try It Tiny six-week tour: 3 adults, 1 puppy, and a 96 sq.ft. tiny house on wheels. Much was learned on that trip. Here’s a few highlights.


There is no reason to carry along the kitchen sink when traveling. Not ever. Ditch the extras. Pare down your accessories, forget about hardback (or even paperback) books, forego the extra razor, and learn to use a good 3-in-1 bath product rather than multiple liquids.

We recommend REDBUDSUDS Citrus Sunshine. Nothing like starting your day with a bit of sun on your skin! But what is REDBUDSUDS? They are a handmade, shampoo bar designed to cleanse and condition your hair, that can also be used for full body and as a shaving soap. Bonus: REDBUDSUDS bars can’t explode when in transit! 



The recent Nugget USA tour was made primarily to meet existing and new Try It Tiny hosts. That meant that a wardrobe consisting primarily of a Try It Tiny company t-shirt made complete sense. Whether paired with jeans, khakis, shorts, or leggings, our dark, V-neck was perfect. If you don’t have a company shirt to wear every day, switch over to a darker, all-cotton t-shirt that will serve a utilitarian purpose.


With three adults in one space, all that is needed is one tube of toothpaste in the bathroom. There simply is no reason to have three individual tubes, travel size or not! Plan ahead with your travel partners and determine who is providing what and how y’all can share to maximize your space.


Let’s face it. 3 adults with just at 30 sq.ft. a piece (not to mention the puppy!) is an insane situation to begin with. It can be done though and everyone can come out better for it. You have to know your limits though and you have to place healthy boundaries on yourself and others.


Everyone deserves time to be alone with their own thoughts. That means time inside the house and outside the house. It can become annoying quickly when everytime you move, another person saddles up beside you. Try using a code word (something other than “leave me alone”) to indicate you need some space. It is essential. Just by speaking the code word out, your travel roomies will know they should find something else to do for a few minutes lest tiny house war be declared!


Fact. People poop. It is unreasonable to think that anyone can go six weeks without having to use the restroom and in 96 sq.ft., it’s hard to have privacy for those “less than silent” moments. Before driving even the first mile, figure out a system that makes everyone comfortable. Maybe tie a bandana to the front door handle to signal someone is in the restroom or put a magnet on the front door. Either way, everyone deserves some space. Of course, this works both ways. If there is a torrential downpour outside and the temperature has dropped 25º in just 10 minutes, it is unfair to leave your housemates outside for an extended amount of time whilst you play “Lord of the Bowl”.



This tip is so very important. Three adults and a puppy mean lots of foot traffic, toys strewn about, less than fresh clothes lying around, etc. Having a small dustbuster or even a handheld broom and dustpan can change the atmosphere. In fact, the dustbuster may be promoted to the fourth roommate at times. In just a few moments that Dirt Devil can suck up dirt from the floor and crevices, pull the ladybugs off the ceiling (and release them into the free world again, of course), and make dog hair disappear. With such limited space, every inch counts, and every clean inch counts twice!

What tips do you have for traveling tiny? Do you live tiny and have a bathroom system? What is it? Do you find it to be effective? Share with us in the comments below or follow us over to Facebook for more discussion. You can also see more of our adventures and misadventures on our Instagram page.

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