How To Write An Overnight Tiny House Review

We live in a world of user-generated content. The power of suggestion as found in user-generated content and reviews stimulates purchase and rental behavior. Websites realize this. Why else would and sites like it filter results by average customer review? In Try It Tiny terms, renters are more likely to trust their friends and networks about a product rather than the actual brand. Try It Tiny saying a location is amazing is far less impactful as a reviewer giving the location 4 or 5 stars.

In the rental world, anybody who’s anybody reviews every hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, and tiny house, they stay at, either for the rentals own website or just for their friends and family. If you’ve had a good experience why not share it? If you’ve never written a lodging review though it can be quite daunting. These tips will help you.


It isn’t enough to say “the tiny house was really cute.” What was cute about it? How was it cute? What else do you think is cute? Our vernacular is so confusing regarding vague descriptions. In the course of 5 minutes, we can say “I love you” to our significant other and then say “I love this hamburger.” Wait, what? We love a human being in the same way we love a hamburger? Of course not. But because we use simple descriptors, it comes across that way.

Writing A Review

When you write your Try It Tiny review, don’t just say the tiny house was nice – say what was nice about it. If you liked the design of the tiny house when you pulled up, tell your reader more about that experience at first sight. Was the design? Traditional or modern? More contemporary or more cabin? What was the color scheme? What materials were used? Did it look comfortable in its surroundings or did it look like an abandoned trailer in the middle of the woods? What sort of art did they have on the walls. Similarly, if you enjoyed the interior, include as much detail as possible. Be creative with your language and try to paint a picture for potential future renters. Maybe the front door opened to reveal a bright and airy cottage with light pouring in through the oversized windows and the floor opening up to a generously sized kitchen. Try reading other reviews for inspiration and really research other reviews to get a better sense of what you like in a lodging review. , and try to be creative with your language. Perhaps the chicken was “succulent”, the chips were “perfectly crisp” or the chocolate dessert just “melted in the mouth” – try to read some other reviews for inspiration and get an idea of the type of descriptive language used.


Don’t get hung up on just the appearance of the tiny house. Guest are more than likely going to want to visit the closest town or city for dining and entertainment. Use your lodging review to inform future guests. Is the tiny house far from town? Once in town is there a great cafe in which to start your day? Is there a city park perfect for reflective walks or afternoon yoga? If so, what is the parking situation like? Let folks know about the whole experience so they can choose accordingly. If the tiny house is located up a narrow, gravel driveway, a person with a 2WD, 4-cylinder car, may not want to book the location.


A rental unit is under no obligation to provide organic coffee for you nor are they to have 800-count Egyptian cotton sheets. Be honest about your experience including the amenities but don’t be petty. Don’t waste a readers time on how the paint didn’t match the upholstery. Such negativity could ruin a renters reputation online and – more importantly – cause them to lose their standing on the rental site.

Fluffing Bed


When writing your review, have fun with it. Pretend you are a reviewer for the NY Times. Let your inner poet go. Create magic in the review as if it were your job to sell the rental. It will help the unit but also give you an incredible reputation online as a gifted writer and reviewer. You’ll be a preferred renter for sure!

Do you write online reviews? In what style do you write? Do you find reviews to help you in making your consumer choices? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook.

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