5 Ways To Decorate Your Tiny House For The Holidays

Just because you may live in a small space, own a small space, rent out a small space, or simply dream of a small space, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t celebrate the holidays in a big way! Comedian Larry Wilde is credited with saying “Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.” Isn’t that what decorating for a small space all about? Making the most of the least? Seeing with the eyes of a child? So how then can we decorate our tiny house for the holidays? Try these Top 5 ways.


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When your space lacks depth, look for height instead. Hang things like light strings or paper stars from the ceiling to give a festival feel. You don’t even have to use nails. Tape works just as well and is easier to put up. Icicle lights work the best if you choose to use lighting. If you want to create paper snowflakes but missed that day of the third grade you can find out how via Ms. Martha Stewart.


Mini Christmas Tree

Keep the celebration on the tiny side but keep it cozy with a miniature tree. Add some simple lights (white looks most warm), a few neutral ornaments (look to nature for inspiration), and perhaps a blanket or two for a tree skirt, and you can bring great style without needing great big space.


Christmas Pillows

Sometimes the best decoration can be the most simple. And what can be more simple than replacing pillows, adding a festive throw, or using wrapping paper on your framed art? Hit the refresh button on your everyday style with seasonal items.


Branch Decoration

It may seem overly minimalist or even a bit like the Charlie Brown tree. Using a branch or evergreen cutting instead of a tree or even a wreath is a great way to add that feeling of Christmas without the mess of dead needles all over the house. If you add a few ornaments hanging from the branch you can really come up with an interesting piece that adds holiday flair and style points!


Beautiful Christmas PresentsEveryone gives gifts. Most everyone enjoys receiving gifts. Why not use gifts are decoration. Consider wrapping your packages early in beautiful, stylish paper, with bows and fresh tree trimmings. Display them around your tiny house and let them add that holiday flair to your home. It is simple. It serves a purpose. It is perfect for the tiny house.

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