How To Make Your Tiny House Listing Stand Out

Tiny house people are a community and that is why many of us love it so much. But when you are advertising your tiny house or your land for rent by tiny housers, and some of your income even depends on the bookings, you need to employ every tool you can to ensure your listing is seen on a regular basis. It is healthy competition and one that you should become familiar with. Understanding how and why other listings are getting consistent bookings and top-ratings is an essential marketing tool and one that can benefit you greatly.

Of course, there is no need to be Mr. Meany and live to crush the everyone in your way. But you shouldn’t consider it unfair to examine other listings. See what people are offering and how they are offering it and try to go up a notch. If you like what you see the Jones’ doing, build on it. Spice things up and let yourself stand out!


There is nothing worse than putting a message out on the Interwebs only to be left wondering if it was ever received. Whether it be responding to a potential guests inquiry or answering a new message or even confirming something with your booked guest, respond promptly. Let the guest know from the very beginning that you are reliable and communicative. In the hospitality industry¬†delays could mean bookings. We live in a “fast food” age when people want answers right now. No delays. No hold times. Remember, you can make or break a booking just by the response time in saying ‘Hello!’


There are so many ways to gain exposure for your business. From social media to local ads to websites across markets, you need to list your property, link to your property listing, and ask others to do the same. Don’t think hyperlocal. Think global. Just because someone lives in another country doesn’t mean they will never come to the United States to visit.


If you truly value your listing on Try It Tiny you’ll want to put in a little extra effort to stand out from the competition. Most potential guests have come to expect basic necessities including WiFi, a coffee pot, and clean linens. You can do more than that though. You can create a special atmosphere that welcomes your guests including a guest guide along with any needed remote controls or instructions upon entry. You can decorate with local flavor or use artwork of local sights and attractions. You could even consider a welcome basket with a small assortment of homemade goodies, just ready for your guest to dive in. Create an experience for your guests and you will be sure to gain quite a glowing reputation!


Safety is a concern for a number of travelers and sometimes a reason for choosing a hotel/motel over a personal home. Be sure to install a basic security system or burglar alarm, smoke/gas detectors, and even a surveillance doorbell (or something similar). Actions like these take away the intimidation that potential guests sometimes feel when considering a Try It Tiny booking.


If you are listing a tiny house or small house for rent one of the best things you can do is present your house as open and roomy as possible. To do this, get rid of the clutter. There is no need to have place settings for 8 or bath towels for 6. If your listing only accommodates 2, keep everything in counts of 2. Going this route will make the listing seem bigger but also more cozy for just a party of two.

However you decide to create your listing remember that a little healthy competition is perfectly okay. There is no reason not to take natural advantage of what you are offering.

What tips do you have for spicing up a Try It Tiny listing? How do you make yours stand out? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and then head over to our Facebook page to continue the conversation.

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