Hosting Thanksgiving In Your Tiny House

Santa Claus has rolled down 34th street and stopped in Herald Square, Uncle Stan has made his official prediction for the Giants and ‘Skins game, Granny has tucked the Ambrosia deep into the fridge so as to ward off little fingers, and a chorus of “You’ll shoot your eye out…” has echoed from the living room for the first of many times over the next 30 or so days. It is Thanksgiving and for most families, the main highlight is about to take place. It is time for the big, sit-down meal of turkey, ham, Stovetop, green bean casserole,  mashed potatoes, candied yams, and more! And no, it isn’t really Thanksgiving unless you are surrounded by at least two generations of family and friends. Or is it? What if you are a tiny houser? Are you doomed to a lifetime of Thanksgiving take-out or always being someone else’s guess? How can you possibly host turkey day in a tiny house? Here’s how!


We’ve all heard the saying “make the most of what you have.” That is true in a tiny house. Don’t spend the day before Thanksgiving wishing you had just a little more room. Make the room you do have work for you. Let your space dictate your menu, your seating arrangement, and even the amount you actually stuff inside you! Most tiny houses just don’t have a large, sit-down style dinner table. Consider instead smaller table along with buffet style service. Let guests get comfortable on chairs, couches, and even benches. Remember, it is about the act of giving thanks for what you DO have, not what you don’t.


Maybe you have a small convection (or toaster) over rather than a large, commercial setup. If you can’t fit a turkey in the appliance, rearrange your menu. Maybe your guests would enjoy Turkey Tettrazini all the same? Or why not consider buying and serving pre-made items? There is nothing wrong with a little “brown ‘n serve”.

Turkey Takeout


Part of living in a tiny house is not having stuff you don’t need. Face it, no one needs 10 camping chairs, 4 patio chairs, and a beach chair or two. So why have them? At most you may have a camping chair and a hammock. Why not rent then? Most rental businesses rent out tables, chairs, and even table linens. For a few dollars and a little setup time, you can turn your whole house into a private, 5-star dining room!


Most people want nothing more on Thanksgiving Day than to have a good meal, good conversation, and an all-around good time. No matter how the meal is prepared or delivered or served, a good time will likely be had by all. If you just don’t have room though to even get something together, ask for help. An old-fashioned potluck is still rather popular or even offering the old “you fly, I’ll buy” option to someone. Just don’t hesitate to ask. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.


Granny always dusted off the fine China for Thanksgiving Day. By the time it adorned the table it had been washed, dried, and polished. Nothing said holiday dinner quite like a gold-lipped gravy dish or a variety of fork sizes! Perhaps you want to recreate that feeling of sentiment and class but live in a tiny house and really only have a bamboo place setting for two. Visit the Goodwill. Go buy a place setting for each guest you are expecting and purposely make them as different as possible. If anyone asks claim you were going for French Provincial or Shabby Chic rather than the stuffy, traditional, Mikasa appearance.

Are you hungry yet? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? More importantly, are you ready to host the Thanksgiving meal? What about in your tiny house? Did we miss any tried and true tips? Let us know in the comments below. You can also follow us on Facebook and let us know what we overlooked! 

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