The Best Tiny House Toolkit

Part of “going tiny” is downsizing. It means going from a place setting for 12 to a place setting for 4. It means taking your closet down to 6 garments from 16 garments. It also means going from the 101-piece ratchet set from the Home Shopping Network in addition to countless other toolsets to just an essential and well-thought-out toolkit. So while you are considering your own list of “go to” tools, have a look at the best tiny house toolkit one can have!

HDX Homeowner’s Tool Set (137-Piece) from Home Depot

That’s right. The best toolkit comes pre-assembled for less than $75. While logic would try to have you piecemeal a kit together, the pre-assembled HDX seems like the best tools for the lowest price. Granted these are entry-level tools and they are not built to last forever, they are simple and straightforward and made well enough. It is indeed a useful selection of capable tools at an affordable price.

HDX toolkit

The HDX 137-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Set includes dozens of everyday tools to complete your tiny house tasks. From pliers to wrenches, sockets to screwdrivers, the tools in this kit are sure to help you be the master of your domain. The HDX also comes with a torpedo level, a well-weighted hammer and a 25 ft. tape measure. The toolset is easily stored in a sturdy case that features custom-molded slots for each tool. Inside you will also find hex keys, a nut driver, bits, and both metric and SAE sockets. Another nice feature is the CR-V (Chrome Vanadium) blade with a magnetized head to keep screws at the tip’s end. No sense dropping screws all over the floor when trying to hang a picture!

If you are looking for something slightly smaller with a price tag under $50 you may want to consider the E3L 69-piece Homeowner Tool Kit, General Tool Kit for Home Maintenance with Storage Bag. At just $36.99, this kit offers a hammer, a tape measure, pliers, screwdrivers, and more, all secured with elastics or velcro in a compact nylon carrying bag with a heavy-duty zip-up.

What do you think of our choices? Do you know of a better kit with a better price tag? Maybe you prefer putting your own toolkit together? If so, what tools are essential? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our Facebook page to post directly.

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