Saving Water And Saving Money

Droughts are becoming more common and not just in summer months. Conserving water has become more important than ever. Even if you aren’t living in a drought-stricken location, conserving water can mean a lower utility bill and a higher level of understanding in regards to previous resource conservation.

From taking “ARMY showers” to replacing your lawn with succulents, there are a number of ways to conserve water around your home. Consider the ones outlined below:

1.  SHOWER BUCKET. Most Americans use a single bucket of water just to let the water get warm. Instead of letting that water pour down the drain, stick an actual bucket under the shower faucet and let the warming water fill it up. Then use the water to flush your commode, water your plants, or even shower later.

2.  TURN THE TAP OFF TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH. 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute). That is how fast the water typically comes out of the average faucet. When brushing your teeth or washing your face, turn off the faucet when not in direct use.

3.  SCRUB YOUR HANDS WITHOUT WATER. No one needs to leave the faucet on while scrubbing their hands. Wet. Turn off. Soap. Scrub. Turn on. Rinse. Turn off. 

4.  GO TO THE CAR WASH. More and more car washes are beginning to recycle their water. Instead of washing your car at home with the house, frequent one of these locations. Ride in style and save water!

5.  SHORTEN YOUR SHOWERS. This is where the ARMY shower comes into play. Much like washing your hands: Wet. Turn off. Soap. Scrub. Turn on. Rinse. Turn off. 

6.  COMPOST. Even using low-flow toilets and flushing every other time to tinkle, can’t compete with composting. The method of allowing your waste (solid and liquid) compost into a usable soil mixture/additive, is a tremendous idea.

7.  CUT BACK ON CUTTING YOUR LAWN. Can you imagine your home with no green grass lawn? Why not? Research xeriscaped yards and incorporate water-wise ground cover, succulents, and other plants that thrive in drought-like conditions.

What are some ways you save water around the home? Did we miss a few good tips? Let us know in the comment section below or visit our Facebook page to weigh in there. 

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