Can you stay grounded on the move?

If you subscribe to the Tiny House Movement, in any capacity, you probably have encountered a group of down-to-earth, genuine people somewhere along the way.


Celebratory picture at the August 2017 Tiny House Living Festival (Littleton, CO)

One of my favorite things about starting Try It Tiny is the network of new friends I have found and adore.  Each industry gathering – whether it is a conference, a festival, a workshop or a roadshow – feels like a family-friend reunion.

Ryan Mitchell and Maggie (self) at the Tiny House Conference (Portland, OR)

But with all of us constantly on the move and traveling around, it begs the question:

Can you really stay ‘grounded’ when living such a mobile lifestyle?


In my opinion, the answer is an unequivocal – Yes.

Get Back To What’s Important

The tiny lifestyle inherently forces us to focus on what is most important in our lives.  Not only do we pare down our belongings (which is no small feat), but many of us travel around with our dearest loved ones and family.

Having a little early (early) morning Facetime with the family while on the road this spring.

Do All Things With Intention

Whether that means making it to home base for a holiday, a birthday or just to spend time with a friend that needs you, life on the road requires an intentional scheduling effort to avoid missing important milestones.

Living Life’s Moments

Many of us have had a lull period where most of our day is absorbed with day-dreaming illusions, leaving us unsatisfied with the present and longing for another day.


People often talk about how the tiny lifestyle provides the opportunity to travel more, have financial freedom and rid ourselves from certain kinds of burdens.  What we maybe haven’t emphasized on, is that living without excess allows us to ‘live life’ in the here and now.  We aren’t dreaming of going to that national park we’ve read about; we’re going.  We aren’t thinking of taking the family on a road trip across the country; we’re packed and leaving.

Hiking in Boulder, CO with long-time friends, Jake & Natalie


In concept, traveling tiny across the country may not sound like a ‘grounded’ lifestyle.

But when that lifestyle is rooted in focusing on what’s important, doing things with intention and truly living life’s moments – I’d say we’ve got it nailed down…to the ground.



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