An 18-Year-Old​ Impacting The Tiny House Community

What do you think you would be when you would grow up? Firefighter? Doctor? Often times at a young age, we are given endless opportunities to explore our imagination. We may be given a toy to soften our curiosity or even an opportunity to see what we want to grow up to be. Regardless, we all envision becoming something extraordinary when we become of age.

Being extraordinary is exactly what Greg Reda became. How often do you see a young adult building a house? How often do you see one doing it to simply make people happy, and not just for money?  At only 18 years old, Greg Reda is doing an amazing thing and building tiny houses in the northeast. Seeing this is one of the reasons I love the tiny house movement. The movement is inspiring a lot of people, at all ages. Reda was able to craft his passion into a future endeavor.

Check out Greg’s Instagram to see more about his buildings: tiny.trailer

“About a year ago I decided to build a tiny home for myself and ever since then I’ve had a passion for building them for others. The ability to pick up and go anywhere you’d like at any moment draws people to buying a tiny home. I always have wanted to build these homes at an affordable price so because money isn’t important to me. Just the satisfaction of a buyer seeing his/her home for the first time makes the whole process worth it.” – Greg Reda

For those looking to buy from Tiny Trailers LLC, we have land options in New York, Pennsylvania, and throughout the rest of the northeast.

Also, check out his video on how to build a tiny house!

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