Is a Tiny House for You?

[img] Is a Tiny House for you?The Tiny House lifestyle isn’t just a trend. For many, it’s a lifestyle they have embraced with open arms. But is it for you?

We love Tiny House living here at Try It Tiny, but we know it’s not for everyone. With TV shows like Tiny House, Big Living, Tiny House Hunters, and Tiny House Builders, we know people are curious about this unique lifestyle. It’s one of the reasons we started Try It Tiny. Try It Tiny allows curious people to try a tiny house through renting one for just one night or even for months on end. It’s totally a “try it before you buy it” experience!

A Tiny House Might be Right for You If….

You Want to Travel

Tiny houses are designed to be mobile. Most tiny houses are built on trailers that can be hooked to a truck and driven across country. That’s why we also have landowners renting out space to park your tiny house!

RVs and campers were once the only options for those looking to live their lives on the open road. After decades of decline, the industry is booming and the demographics are changing. The RV lifestyle is no longer for the retirees, according to the RV Industry Association, over half of the RV buyers are under age 45.

Motorhomes can easily reach six figures making them unattainable for many people on a small budget, but tiny houses are affordable for most. New custom-built tiny houses sell for between $35,000 and $80,000, but if you’re handy, the average price of DIY tiny house materials is about $23,000.

You Want an Eco-Friendly House

Commercial and residential buildings account for 39% of the carbon emissions in the United States. It takes over seven logging trucks to provide lumber for the average 2,500-square foot house compared to half of one logging truck for the average 180-square foot tiny house.

While the building industry has been slow to adapt to green building technology, many tiny house builders are very progressive. It’s not uncommon to see tiny houses built from recycled or reclaimed materials. While tiny houses use only a fraction of the electricity an average house uses, many tiny house owners also have invested in solar panels. Check out this off-the-grid tiny house in Vermont!

You Want to Downsize

Perhaps you’re an empty-nester or even a former hoarder, downsizing to a tiny house can help de-clutter your life. You’ll be forced to finally get rid of the clothing that no longer fits or that ugly lamp your in-laws got you for Christmas.

Downsizing from a 2,000+ square foot home to a 200-square foot home will make you prioritize what items are truly important to your lifestyle and ultimate happiness. Instead of storing your old household items, consider donating or selling them. Chances are, you won’t miss a lot of your things.

You Want an Extra Income

Perhaps full-time tiny house living isn’t for you, but you want a vacation home or have space on your property for a tiny house. Tiny houses make the perfect vacation homes. Why not escape to your tiny house in Florida during the long winters in the Midwest? Instead of letting your tiny house sit while you’re at home during the summer, you can rent it for extra income!

Try It Tiny was designed to help you rent your tiny house or extra land to tiny house owners looking to park their homes for a while. Many landowners are making an extra $8,000 a year by renting out their land!

Tiny house living isn’t for everyone. We get that. Even if you don’t think it’s for you, give it a try! We have tons of cool tiny house rentals across the country and we’re adding more every day. Skip the boring hotels and try a tiny house today!

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