Tiny Living, BIG Screen

I try to watch a movie every now and then. So, it had me thinking, what movies have tiny houses or a small home style as a setting in their movie? I wanted to do some thinking and see how many movies there are (if any) that feature some type of ‘tiny’ living. I did research to come up with a list of movies where the living quarters for the character are ‘tiny’.  

Movies with small living confinements:


  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Rear Window
  • RV
  • We’re the Millers
  • Meet the Fockers
  • Titanic
  • The Dark Knight
  • Room
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking, what do some of these movies have anything to do with tiny living?

Let me describe how living small relates to each of these titles. Harry Potter was living underneath a staircase and in Lord of the Rings, the character lived in a hole in the ground. Rear Window was entirely in an apartment. Titanic and RV also had their characters limited to their living situation (a cruise ship and RV, respectively). We’re the Millers and Meet the Fockers had some of their characters situated in an RV for the movie.

The Dark Knight had a few ‘tiny’ arrangements in the movie. Downsizing from a mansion to a penthouse is the first example the character, Bruce Wayne, had done. Second, the protagonist held his secret lair in an old shipping container! In Room, the two protagonists were placed in a very tight living arrangement. Lastly, in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, good ole’ cousin Eddie drove up in an RV in which his family had stayed in prior to the start of the movie.

Even if there isn’t an abundance of movies with tiny houses or small living arrangements in them, there are still characters throughout the movies that have gone through living in small spaces!
For more info on how houses and small living places play roles in movies, click here!

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