Trekking the Colorado Terrain

The tiny house community is growing every day and people are building tiny houses at an increasing rate, especially in Colorado.  Don’t miss the upcoming Tiny House Living Festival in Denver, Colorado, and check us out while you’re there.  People are running into the same problem over and over… Where do you park your tiny house?  Try It Tiny has a solution for you! Whether you are looking for a place to park temporarily or long-term, we have land listings that might be perfect for you!


‘Shaare Shamayim (“The Gateway to Heaven”),’ located in Hotchkiss, Colorado, has a hookup site, off-grid living and tent sites available for your perfect getaway. If you are looking for a place to hike, fish and hunt, then no need to look any further.  ‘Shaare Shamayim’ is the perfect spot for you.


Located only an hour southeast of Denver and about 40 minutes northeast of Colorado Springs, the ‘Denver/Colorado Springs Delight’ property has three available spots that provide the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the Colorado countryside while residing close to the cities.

If you are really looking to escape the ordinary and getaway from the chaos the city life can bring, settle down at ‘Durango’, a beautiful off-grid spot in rural Durango, CO. Durango can truly provide you “a dozen vacations in one destination.”

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