What Has Netflix Done For You?

Admit it, we could all reduce the amount of technological items or other products in our lives. Online streaming, HD TV, video game consoles, social media apps, trendy furniture, stylish clothing, and more. You know them. You use them.

Ask yourself, what have online streaming services, like Netflix, or any of your other non-essential items done to make your life more productive or meaningful? If they haven’t made your life either, why are we using them so much?

Many of you will ignore this as you love your time-wasting technology. And that’s ok! But if this resonates with you at all, you may be a prime candidate to consider downsizing. Perhaps even downsizing to live in a tiny house!

Benefits of downsizing your life:

  • Saving $$$
  • Less baggage
  • More time
  • Fewer distractions
  • Save energy
  • More leisure
  • Reduces consumption

Of course the benefits are not exclusive to just those listed. You can think of many others, but here is the point: more opportunities are available when you downsize your life. Don’t know where to start downsizing?

Follow these helpful tidbits to help downsize your life and limit your distractions in order to live life to the fullest when you go tiny:

  1. Only pay for products that last a long time. This is a key point. With downsizing comes more money and space to purchase better items. Now, I don’t mean to go on a shopping spree with all the money you saved from downsizing. The added benefit of downsizing means you only pay for things that last years instead of months.
  2. Be ruthless in what you toss out. Remember, you’re downsizing for a reason. You don’t want the shackles of materialistic items holding you back. This means purging and a lot of it. You see that old picture frame that was given to you 10 years ago? Toss it. How about the antique chair you found at a yard sale? Good-bye. Keep the items that have sentimental value to you and the ones that are essential to a comfortable, daily living. Yes, it’s okay if you need an iPad to work or to read your e-books. However, the whole point of downsizing technology and materials in your life is downsizing! You’re not giving up your devices cold-turkey, you just don’t want to keep all of them that you hardly use. You have to be proactive in what products give you real meaning in your life.
  3. If it’s broken….it’s gone. For some reason, a lot of us keep our broken or old items. Maybe, they’ll magically fix themselves? Or we think we will find time to fix it? Hardly. Perhaps, we keep old items for the memory or sentimental purposes. If you have worn-out clothes, an old futon, torn shoes, a run-down laptop, or anything else collecting dust get rid of it! Of course, if it is worth saving, you are allowed to have some common sense here! Yet, with small items like utensils,socks, faded shirts, recreational items, or other products similar to this, it is best to toss.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. We all have issues parting with stuff we have been using for a while. If you need to ask your partner, friend, or family member whether you should keep or get rid of an item, get rid of it! Here’s your sign.
  5. Don’t use your smart devices when charging. An easy tip to follow, if you leave your phone, iPad, laptop, or other devices by itself to charge, you can spend an hour or two on something else! If you are addicted or technology prone, you can still use the hours it takes to charge into do something more productive.
  6. Have someone take it away. Maybe you really can’t escape using your mobile device or video game console to entertain yourself. Perhaps, you need to get work done and are still distracted by your devices. Let a friend or family member take your devices away from you for the time you need for your work! There are also plenty of apps that will lock your devices for a certain amount of time! These apps are Offtime, Moment, Breakfree, and Stay on Task.

Downsizing and limiting your use of tech. stuff is not easy. It is somewhat emotional and involves a great deal of effort to put things in the trash or to donate. It is always tempting to use your devices to entertain or distract yourself. The best trick is to stay committed to wanting to live a life full of moments instead of materials!

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