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We are very excited to have our first guest blog with a tiny house builder! Bob Clarizio of Titan Tiny Homes, is a ‘titan’ in the tiny house industry and has been building some of the best houses on the market.  Check out his incredible work on his website and on dream tiny.  Anyway, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about how Bob and I have connected and how he supports Try It Tiny!

Tiny House Community

As a tiny house builder, I have had the pleasure of helping many of our clients go tiny but the hardest challenge has been locating them to a tiny house community to park their tiny home.  “Where can I park my tiny house” has been the number one question amongst our clients and social media followers.  On Facebook, we recently did a poll and 65% of people who participated said they would go tiny if they had a place to put their home.  Although there are people all over the country working very hard to get communities started and approved by local municipalities, they are still only in one location and the amount of time spent focusing on one community multiplied by the amount of lots typically approved in each of these communities is simply not a feasible solution and could ultimately result in bringing the Tiny House Movement to its knees.

How do we grow faster?

In order for the Tiny House Movement to continue to match the growth of previous years, the mass solution for a tiny house community will need to be addressed.  The question of how we would be able to assemble tiny house communities across the country at the rate that the tiny house movement is growing has been a puzzling one.  How could we possibly get communities up and running at the same speed as the movement?  The challenge is further complicated given the paperwork and submitting process, which was averaging six months to complete and was denied nine times out of ten.  The number of people needed to be involved combined with high denial rates can/will never be a viable solution but what if we didn’t need to talk with those officials or assemble large meetings and proposals; what if we didn’t need ‘fences’?

Tiny House Community without Borders

Since realizing that traditional methods of bringing forth tiny house communities at the same pace that the tiny house movement was traveling at was not going to be an option, I started to seek out a different path.  I thought to myself “what if the community was on the internet?” meaning just like timeshare sites have operated for years.  In other words, someone puts their land up for rent and someone finds it on a website and agrees to lease it.  So I started searching for something, and I figured that it was such an obvious idea that there had to be someone out there already developing this process.

To my surprise and after about a year of searching when ever I had time or was reminded to do so I could not find anything close to an online tiny house community.  There were those who I guess made their “best effort” at the idea but would fall short in one or more key aspects.  For example, one of the issues I’ve had with many of the sites who are trying to make this process work is that the search function is horrible or over engineered to be fancier than it needs to be.  I mean honestly, they would be better off with just a long list of addresses of where people could park.  Another issue that seems to come about is the fact that payment is a bit confusing for both the landlord and the tenant.  From the landlord’s perspective, they want to ensure that they are going to get paid for the time the renter spends on their land and from the renter’s perspective, they want to ensure that they are getting what they are paying for.  So I was frustrated, to say the least, and had little faith in any of the websites that had come about prior, during, and after my search for a tiny house community without borders.

Check out some of TitanTinyHomes amazing builds!

Try It Tiny

At the end of 2016, in the middle of winter shut down, I received an email from a woman named Maggie and she was excited to tell me that she will be launching a new website in March of 2017 called “Try It Tiny” and that she was looking for pictures to display on her website of various builders and their work.  At this point, I was very interested because who doesn’t like to show off their work, it was when she started to talk about what the purpose of the website was going to be that she seemed to have lost my attention.

Maggie began to tell me that the purpose of her website was going to join land owners who are looking to rent, with tiny house owners looking to park.  Immediately I thought in my head, “Oh I’ve heard this before.” So honestly I never sent over the pictures when I first received her email.  I wanted to wait and see because I had heard the song and dance so many other times before and all had let me down in my search of a solution for where people could park their tiny houses.  I didn’t honestly want our pictures or information to be attracted to another website that was only going to further let our customers and future clients down.

The Scalable Solution

In March of 2017, Maggie and her site launched and the tiny house movement will never be the same.  Within a matter of weeks, the site was catching traction and to my surprise, they had fixed all the issues the similar sites before them had, such as payment methods and searchability within the site.  Also, they were smart enough to understand that one of the most important issues was focusing on the question “how to do we make it easy?”

Understanding that those leasing land want a painless transaction process and also want to keep things organized, especially if they have multiple properties.  Maggie and her team developed a state of the art dashboard so that those renting land can easily access all their tenants’ data, including payment history and contact information.

Being mindful of those coming to the website to lease land for their tiny house, it was important that the ability to easily search the site, find a property and quickly reserve it could be accomplished quickly.  Someone can literally log into the website and within a minute have a property leased.  If you are unsure about where to park, you can also mark a property as a favorite so that you can easily compare several different properties in order to ensure you have made the correct decision.

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All in all, you could say that I was blown away with their website, so much that I decided to place a direct link from our web page that will take you directly to Try It Tiny’s page.  I honestly can say that they are our number one resource when it comes to helping our clients and other find parking across the country for their tiny home.

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