Learning to live “Thoughtfully Clean” with Redbudsuds

how a simple bar of soap can revolutionize your shower and simplify your life

Living tiny means making daily decisions to simplify amidst a culture of consumerism. That requires constant conscious choices. Yep. Constant. Think about it: people give you stuff. You find a great deal on new gear that you can’t pass up. This thing will save you time, that thing will save you money. It’s unending. So how do we simplify, especially when it means saying “no” to things our society tells us we need?

Fortunately, the decision to live simply leads us to brilliant alternatives that truly make life better with less stuff, no sacrifice necessary. These moments are golden.

One of these golden moments led me to create Redbudsuds, a thoughtfully clean company, which began as a way to bring together my love for the outdoors, a deep desire to simplify my life, and an unsuccessful search for natural shampoo that worked.


What is Redbudsuds?

We’re a thoughtfully clean handcrafted soap company in Ohio. Owned and operated by me, Aubrey, with the help of family, friends, and a small creative support team.

Our signature soap, the shower bar, works in four ways: as shampoo, conditioner, body and shave soap. Its tiny footprint makes it a great fit for tiny homes, adventures, and an on-the-go lifestyle.

Each bar lathers brilliantly, makes your hair and skin feel amazing, and saves you space. Ingredients are thoughtful and simple, ones you can trust without having a degree in chemistry: i.e., fair trade organic shea butter and heritage-breed Berkshire hog fat, produced locally by our friends in Ohio.

And the scents? Showering is like walking in a cedar forest or stepping into the sunshine. We custom-blend each scent with pure essential oils, leveraging botanical benefits alongside a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience.

Our story

When I started Redbudsuds, my husband and I had been living in a tiny space (a ‘97 astro van, to be exact) off and on for two years, traveling the country and guiding wilderness trips.

I was having problems with dry scalp and unable to find natural shampoo that worked.  I was frustrated because all the so-called “natural” products contained ingredients I didn’t recognize. I didn’t know where to look to find out what was safe and what was not.

Also, the suds. I really, really missed good suds.

That’s when I started making soap the old-fashioned way.  I instantly fell in love with the artistry, chemistry and creativity of the process. I’d never heard of bar shampoo before, but I came across some recipes and started doing my own research and development to create a bar that was exactly what I had been looking for. Soon the business was born.

Why is it great for Tiny Living?

Redbudsuds shower bars not only solve the problem of natural hair- and body-care, they’re also a reminder to live in a way that is consistent with your values, whether you’re out adventuring in the backcountry or living the modern civilized life in a fast-paced city.

Being thoughtfully clean and ‘living tiny’ means taking the time to consume mindfully. It means living gently no matter where you are. It means always being on the lookout for ways to simplify, and to do so joyfully so as to inspire others.

Revolutionize your shower and see what it does to your life! Every bar is Leave-No-Trace compatible and friendly to greywater systems, so they work everywhere you call home. Our family and our customers have traveled with the shower bar through fields, forests, across lakes, in hotels, in normal houses, and in tiny spaces all over the USA and beyond.

Browse the selection at www.redbudsuds.com.

Oh! Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your shower bar into soap-on-a-rope with our brand new Shoofah™, the shower bar loofah.

shoofah in the wild.jpg

When you visit our website, please say hi! Use coupon code TRYIN-IT for a special treat from me.

May your adventures be thoughtfully clean!



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