Perf-Pet Tiny House: No Walk In The (Dog) Park

Many skeptics wonder whether tiny houses are pet-friendly. We say get creative!. It may require some planning to ensure it is a suitable living environment for everyone.

Take the example and picture by Timbercraft Tiny Homes for a reference. They designed their tiny to be pet-friendly in a more discreet way.


Here are some of our other favorite pet-friendly, tiny house ideas and blurbs:

  1. Build a bed right underneath the staircase for a lil’ pup. Catch the details of this on Pinterest.
  2. Yanko Design offers a sleeping idea for your lovable cats – shelf space where they can sleep and you can put things.
  3. Put a small desk or compartment to store a litter box underneath. The details of this idea are on your favorite site, Pinterest.
  4. Add a fenced-in dock deck to the back of your tiny. You can find the picture of one here.
  5. Have a tiny house for your dog – tiny dog that is! Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

See pictures of these ideas below!

Read on to see other source material for pet tiny living.

Daily Reading on Pets in Tinies

We all need a daily book in our lives, but blog reading is also very fun to do. This blog is a definite read for dogs lovers who live in tiny houses.

“Big Dog, Tiny House” HGTV Video

The TV show Tiny House, Big Living, has an episode featuring a couple moving into a tiny house with a Beethoven-like dog. The clip offers another insight on living tiny with your pet.

At the end of the day…

dogs and cats are everyone’s best friends. We love our pets as if they are family members. It makes sense for each of our pets to have a place of their own. In doing so, we create a new set of challenges, but it is well worth it! Pet-friendly furniture that doesn’t tear too easily, secret compartments to store pet-related items, and providing your loving companionship are all you need for your perf-pet tiny house.

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