Garage doors aren’t just meant for storing cars…

The Pros and Cons of Tiny House Garage Doors

Most tiny houses offer some unique feature that is outstanding and creative, yet personal to the tiny house owner. Ours involved a garage door and the attached deck.

When we were designing our tiny house, right away we knew we wanted to utilize a garage door. At the time, we had only seen one other brave soul include the garage door, and it made our novelty of a tiny house, seem even more special. With several (warm) months behind us, I decided to reflect on the garage door decision and below are some pros and cons for anyone else considering having one in their tiny:


TAD Tiny Homes did an incredible job building our tiny home!

👍 Natural Light

There is no better alternative for letting natural light in than having a huge, glass garage door with minimal borders.

👍 Open-air, social space

The garage door allows a natural opening to the outdoor world.  The patio feels more like an extension of our living room than a separate space.  (Note: keep this in mind if you’re wanting the opposite!)  It’s great for socializing, hosting larger groups and makes it seamless to have an evening supper or bonfire outdoors.

👍 Second entrance and exit

I’m sure it sounds obvious, but having spent time in many other tiny houses now, I find I really value having another exit.  We have 3 access points to our tiny (3rd being our skylight to the roof deck).  Heaven forbid something horrible were to happen, I take peace knowing we have multiple exit points.

👍 Great place to watch a storm from inside

There is no better way to enjoy a storm than watching it through the window-filled garage door.  Lay down on the couch with your loved one, snuggle up in a blanket and watch the beauty of a storm that nature brings us.


👎 Extreme Temperatures

While I feel our garage door is well-insulated, the sun exposure alone is enough to warm the tiny house to an uncomfortable temperature.  We haven’t had the tiny house when it’s been below 30 degrees yet, so stay tuned for how it holds up in the winter.

👎 Limited privacy

For the same reason I love my garage door, I can flip that upside down and suggest why it can be a negative.  (Women are good at this, right? 😊) Putting curtains up seems to defeat the purpose to me, so I do make a conscious effort to strategically position the tiny house when we travel.

All in all, I value having the extension of the living room and the natural light far more than the potential negatives.


Looking for one yourself?  Here is where we got ours!

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