6 Tips for a Warm Welcome at Your Short-Term Rental

Whether this is your first time hosting, or you’re a seasoned veteran, providing a warm welcome for your guests is one of the most important parts of a tiny home experience. There are a million ways to please your guests, but we believe that small, unique details will make their stay an exceptional one.

Below, we gathered a little bit of hospitality wisdom from our top hosts to give you six tips for a warm welcome at your tiny home rental:

#1: Communicate early and often. Before your guests arrive, tell them all of the details they need to know. How do they find your tiny home? Will you be waiting for them out front? Where are the keys? Where can they park? As a guest, there’s nothing worse than the unknown. Over-communicate to your guests so they feel comfortable arriving at your doorstep. After your guests have checked in, touch base with them during their stay and see if everything is going okay. Let them know they can reach you in case something goes wrong, or if they have any questions.


Image Courtesy of TAD Homes. More info at www.tadhomes.com

#2: Make a good first impression. If you can, meet your guests in person. You’ve been communicating with them online for so long that an in person meeting truly welcomes a guest to your home. However, everyone will understand if you can’t be there, so simply let your guests know that ahead of time, and provide them clear instructions on how to find your tiny home. Feel free to leave a handwritten note that welcomes your guest as soon as they get inside.

#3: Share your tiny story + educate your guests. Let your guests know what you love about the tiny lifestyle. Whether you live tiny full-time or simply use your tiny home for vacation purposes, share this in your welcome note, in person, or in your Try It Tiny profile. Elaborate on what is unique about your tiny home. Is it DIY? Was it created by a tiny house builder? Is the tiny built with reclaimed materials? Additionally, you can teach your guests that tiny living is all about reducing your carbon footprint. Provide them with reminders to conserve – whether using less water or fewer gadgets and utilities. You could leave guests gray water-friendly soaps or shampoos and explain the importance of environmentally friendly products. These are all things that will make your guests feel more connected to tiny living and want to come back in the future.

#4: Provide easy + clear instructions. An instruction sheet inside the tiny house is a great way to accomplish many of these tips. You can communicate, share your story, and provide guidelines all on a sheet or two of paper for the guests. This may be your guest’s first time staying in a tiny home. At first glance, they might not see all of the amenities you’ve provided for them. Many people may not know how to use a composting toilet or other off-grid utilities that are less common to everyday living. Include labels indicating where frequently used items are located that might be tucked away, or to help find secret storage compartments.

Pro tip: Consider including many of these instructions on your Try It Tiny listing.  Then guests will have access to the instructions ahead of time. This will give each guest a good idea of what to expect, which leads to great reviews and more bookings!

#5: The little things matter. Consider leaving a few welcome drinks or snacks. Guests love learning about those local favorites that you can’t get anywhere else. And of course, providing coffee and tea supplies for your guests with instructions will ensure the perfect start to your guest’s day. Make it clear where your guests can find spare linens, toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. As a good test, you or a friend can act as though you’re entering the house for the first time as a guest. See if your instructions are clear while taking note of the temperature, cleanliness and smell when you first walk in your tiny!  


Image courtesy of the Tiny Pint House in Indianapolis. The hosts ask their guests what their favorite beer is, then stock the fridge upon arrival. Now that’s a good host!

#6: Share Your Local Knowledge. Give your guests a list of local dining options and excursions from your personal, favorite experiences. People are looking for a local perspective, and you have a lot to offer! Include info on public transportation, directions, safe neighborhoods, hiking trails, and special events that you love.

Let these tips serve as a guide to a warm welcome and successful hosting, but feel free to add your own personal touch along the way. We hope to inspire every host to make their guest’s stay comfortable, memorable, and – most importantly – well worth a return visit. Our team at Try It Tiny always enjoys hearing your favorite tiny house hosting tips, so please don’t hesitate to share with us if you have anything to add. Happy hosting!

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