Be Our Guest: 4 Simple Things Great Guests Do


You’ve found the tiny house rental of your dreams and the best time to go; next, you send a booking inquiry and you’re done?  Not if you’re a great guest.  


Give your background and explain yourself.  Great guests follow up a booking inquiry with a private message to the Host, explaining why they’re coming into town and giving a little information about themselves.

This provides an opportunity for the Host and the Guest to connect and truly embrace the community we’re building.

Never show up empty-handed. No, guests are not expected to bring gifts and lavish offerings for their hosts.  A nice handwritten note, a trinket from your hometown or a memory from your stay is more than enough.  Once again, this small gesture can go a long way in building a tiny house community within the shared-economy space.


Leave the place as you found it.  It goes without saying (but unfortunately, I guess it doesn’t) that you should always leave the place as you found it.  Great guests often leave places in better condition.  Make sure you re-read the notes your Host may have left to follow any check-out instructions.  Tidy up and remember that some rentals aren’t cleaned as soon as you walk out the door.  Take out the trash and be respectful.

Review your stay and spread the word. Our community relies heavily on the trust, accountability, responsiveness and honesty of our users.  The review platform is intended to be a useful tool for both Hosts and Guests.  It’s a way for users to receive feedback and opinions for future experiences.  Be sure to write a review when you travel with Try It Tiny.  The strength of our community depends on it!

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