My Tiny Expectations That Flushed Away: My First Night In A Tiny House

night 1

“Eric and I first met earlier this year as I was searching to hire a summer intern to help with Try It Tiny.  Eric, a rising senior at Purdue University studying Business and Management, was not all that familiar with tiny houses (to say the least).  He did and does however, have a great attitude, attention to detail and was willing to bunk up with us this summer in exchange for whatever ‘market pay’ is these days for internships.  His first assignment?  Stay in a tiny house. Here’s what he came back with for us:” – Maggie Daniels, Founder and CEO

night 2

I had heard of the multiple shows on HGTV fueling this tiny house craze (Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Living, and Tiny House Luxury to name a few), but I have never watched any of them. But when I started helping out Try It Tiny this summer, I knew I needed to get up to speed.  What I didn’t know is that it would entail a first-hand experience!

When I think of a tiny house, I think of a small, cluttered space. I think of trying to shove my nearly 6 foot self and my backpack into the tiny quarters with as little room as possible. Tiny houses were, in my opinion, too small to enjoy comfortably. However, after staying in a tiny house for the first time, I could not be more wrong about the amount of space available.

I know what you’re thinking, they are tiny houses, there cannot be enough space inside of the house to move around. Don’t fool yourself! When I entered the tiny house in Dayton, Kentucky (pictured above) there was more than enough room. You first walk in and the living room is neatly placed to signal off a warm welcome.

Flat screen TV? Check. Comfy couch? Check. Movies? Double check. This tiny house came fully stocked to entertain myself. Ok, I had settled in, checked out the new digs, and set my stuff down. Now it was time to explore my first tiny house (trust me there was much to see).


The tiny house has a full sized kitchen with a working stove, fridge, oven, and sink. You can literally cook anything you want in this tiny house (ok, maybe not a five-course meal with foie gras, but you get the point). What is also so great about this tiny house is the fact that my host stocked the kitchen with utensils. Score! You don’t have to bring your own cups, silverware, plates, or napkins. Heck, it even came with a coffee maker. Warning though, it does not come fully stocked with food (bummer I know).

Seated directly across the kitchen was a permanent bar area to eat and drink off of. So not only does it come with a full sized kitchen, cutlery, and dishes, but it had a nice little space overlooking the river to eat from.

night 3


Next to this was a narrow hallway with the bathroom and guest room. Initially, I was skeptical about bathrooms in tiny houses. I mean, how did the plumbing work with a hose attached on the bottom of the house?

I went into the bathroom to figure out how the toilet and shower works. Boy, was I surprised. The toilet was unlike any I have ever seen (including the one at Maggie’s tiny house). In order to drain the toilet you had to manually pump water into it. Next, you had to twist the handle opposite of you to allow the water and your ‘business’ to drain.

I should also note, I’m not entirely sure how you get rid of your #2s in this toilet. Luckily, I wasn’t exposed to this situation (thankfully). I’m still not sure what this type of facility is called; however, I’m just hoping I did it correctly…

night 4

Moving on from the grotesque events of my tiny house stay, I’m happy to inform you the shower is 100% normal and spurts out hot water.


After my trek into the belly of the beast..err I mean bathroom, I came across the guest bedroom. There is nothing too outlandish to say. The bed had sheets, pillows, and the room featured another TV (it felt like I was being spoiled in a Best Buy store with all of the amenities and appliances, perfectly nestled in their places!) So I’m not complaining one bit!

Almost comical that the bed seemed a bit small, because I think it was a queen, so perhaps I had smallness on the brain? It was clearly a spacious tiny since I could then leave this bedroom to see the master bedroom…yeah, this tiny house has 2 bedrooms!

Ok, so to get to the master bedroom, they have a ladder for you to climb. Hey, I’m a young in-shape 20 something year old guy, so there should be no problem to climb a ladder right? Well, with this ladder, (which is actually pretty ingenious how they set it up) it is on a slider. If you look at one of the pictures above, you can see the ladder is blocking the fridge. It looks like they put it on this slider for guests to move it wherever they want and still be able to get up to the loft.

Yeah, it looked sturdy enough, so I ventured on up to see the master bedroom in the loft. So, for those who don’t like low ceilings when they sleep, yeah this won’t be for you. While the bed was really comfy, I mosied on down the ladder, and as I forgot the ladder is on a slider, the ladder slid from its un-permanent position and moved. Great… almost fell, but no big deal as I wouldn’t consider myself “graceful” to say the least.

All joking aside, the guest bedroom was pretty comfy. So for those who are either afraid of heights or prone to ladder injuries, safe bet to sleep on the first level.

Surrounding Area:

Venturing outside the tiny house, there is a small patio deck with a table, chairs, grill, and an umbrella awning. This was a great touch to make this tiny house feel even more homey. Not only does it have this deck, but the tiny house sits on a marina overlooking the Ohio River.

I checked my phone to see if there were any local restaraunts near the marina to grab a bite to eat. Luckily, due to my gracious host, she had already provided a list of local eateries nearby! I glazed through the list and settled on one named, Riverside Marina Bar and Grill.

Not going into too many details about the local food, I’ll quickly state it was not bad at all. In fact, it exceeded my expectations and provided me with another chance to see the area. If you are going to be down in Dayton, Kentucky, I suggest you travel to that local spot for good views and service.

night 5.png

I ventured back from the Riverside Marina Bar and Grill to settle in for the night. I promise, the beds in tiny houses are anything but small. I’m decently tall. and I could fit perfectly on their beds provided! When the evening was winding down, I grabbed my book and sat in a chair to watch the sun go down. A great ending to a busy day.

Staying in a tiny house for the first time was akin to staying in a much more comfortable house! While the toilet may be a bit odd, and taking out trash means walking a few feet to the dumpster, tiny houses are comfortable to stay in. I’ll definitely be staying in a tiny house again, as my tiny expectations have been resolved from this big experience.

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