Tips For Towing On Grass and Other Soft Surfaces

Check out these quick tips when towing on grass or other potentially soft surfaces.

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Hopefully these tips will help prevent your rig from getting stuck in the mud. When the ground is frozen or completely dry, towing on grass comes with ease. However, tow on wet grass or even soft ground, and you can spend much of your day being frustrated rather than enjoying God’s green earth.

Tip 1: Have a Good Partner

  • As with most things in life, your partner is key. The better you can communicate and work through the task, the better the outcome. Plan the placement of your tiny house or RV with your partner prior to starting. This will help you think through any turns and maintain momentum as you tow. Knowing as many decisions prior to starting can help avoid you getting stuck.

Tip 2: Test the Ground

  • Walking the grass is helpful, but it could be misleading. It is much better to use a stick, or something similar, that is at least 2x thicker than a pencil to poke the ground. If this goes through the ground with ease, you may want to reconsider towing in the wet grass. If you need to carry on, strongly consider implementing tip 3. If you have a lighter tow and vehicle or simply want to risk your chances, check out tip 4.

Tip 3: Place Plywood and Pieces of Lumber

  • This prevents the wheels from sinking and spinning in soft ground. Additionally, you will disperse the weight across the surface area of the board and provides traction to the wheels. Depending on how wet the ground is will determine whether you need boards for just the truck, or whether you need them for the entire truck and tow. Have your partner continue to move the plywood to provide a type of ground bridge until you reach the desired destination. Then as you roll into your parking spot, placing 2×8 or larger lumber beneath your wheels will help. You will again disperse weight and provide traction for when you leave. This is just as important to prevent your tow from sinking too far into the ground. Especially if future rain is predicted. Although an extreme example, this rig below will not get stuck regardless of heavy rains or soft ground.

tow 1

Tip 4: Maintain Momentum

  • Don’t stop until you have to! When you pull on to grass from another surface, you want to continue moving. Some guys will say gun it and get there! But generally a slower, steady roll works better. Many times, this will be enough to prevent you from getting stuck in softer areas. Naturally, if you spin tires going downhill you can ease off the gas and let truck continue forward with the weight of the trailer. On inclines and flat surfaces keep the going or implement tip 3.

Tip 5: Bring The Kitty Litter!

  • Being prepared with kitty litter or gravel will save you time and frustration. Many times you miscalculate and find yourself spinning. The truck here thought all was fine until 20 feet later and 12,000 pounds. Although we all have seen much worse, this truck was stuck. That was until a sack of litter saved the day. But without litter or gravel, this heavy truck wasn’t moving. If this happens to you while towing, you can detach your tow and then implement step 3.


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