5 Reasons to Rent a Tiny House for Your Next Vacation

Imagine opening the door to your next vacation rental and being able to see every inch of the property you’ll be living in for the next week. Imagine waking up and enjoying your morning cup of coffee on a front porch overlooking the Rocky Mountains. Imagine only packing a small bag for your next trip because your place can’t accommodate anything larger.

The idea of living with less isn’t a new trend. But the tiny house movement — living in a space that’s 400 square feet or less — is new and very foreign to some. What if you could experience the magic of downsizing without committing?

Whether you’re looking for a unique type of vacation this year, or interested in living in a tiny home full time one day, we’ve put together five reasons why you should rent a tiny home for you next vacation:

Enjoy the Benefits of Living Simply

Trying it tiny gives you a chance to experience the benefits of a simpler lifestyle. You physically don’t have room for “stuff” in a 400 sq. foot home, even on a vacation. Use your tiny vaca as an opportunity to pack light, only bring the essentials and relish in experiences over things. You may just take some of that thought process back (to your larger) home with you.  


Explore this property here.

Access to Adventure

As if the idea of vacationing in a tiny home isn’t adventurous enough, the size of tiny homes enables owners to place them in off-the-grid areas of the world. Many homes are parked mere miles from national and state parks, bodies of water, forest land and more. Enjoy the unique benefit of walking out your front door and straight into nature.


Image from Alpine Tiny Homes & posted on Dream Tiny.

Bring the Whole Family

While the idea of staying in a tiny house with kids may sound terrifying, it is doable. For a shorter vacation, it’s a fun opportunity to open your kids’ eyes to the art of simple living. Some properties offer up the chance to experience living on a homestead or farm. And many tiny house rentals are part of a larger tiny house community (like the one pictured below) which bring in more families and allow for cookouts, hikes and other group activities.


Explore this property here.

Save Money & the Environment

Tiny house rentals are typically much cheaper than hotel prices, and you have the added bonus of being more energy efficient because of the size of the home. It’s also common for tiny homes to be build from recycled materials, incorporate solar panels, and offer a composting toilet. These features allow for tiny homes to be functional anywhere in the world, and are much more environmentally friendly than hotels.

Experience Tiny Living Without the Commitment

Whether you’ve been contemplating this tiny house way of life for quite some time or are completely new to the tiny house community, vacationing in a tiny home is the perfect way to sample this unique lifestyle.

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