3 Easy, Must-Haves For An Amazing Listing

#1. An Incredible Listing Name

First impressions are important.  An intriguing listing title is your first opportunity to catch a Guest’s attention!  Be sure the name of your listing includes an accurate, brief description of the type of experience your property can offer.



#2. Numerous, High-Quality Pictures

Numerous studies have found that rental properties with several, high-quality images are over 90% more likely to be booked.  If your listing includes an alternative housing unit (e.g. tiny house, yurt, RV), make sure you include interior images of the space as well as the surrounding outdoor area.  For additional help with images, please review the segment at the bottom of our FAQs page.



#3. Separate Listings For Each Available Space 

Listings that can offer more than one accommodation should be split into separate listings. This keeps your listing appearing in search results when you have a Guest occupying a portion of your available space. If you have a large space and you’re willing to Host multiple Guests at once, start with at least 2-3 listings.  Be sure to create unique titles for each listing so you can keep track.

Try It Tiny was designed for Hosts with multiple listings as the Dashboard and Calendar feature allow for Hosts to manage availability on one simple, comprehensive view. Listing descriptions should be informative and to the point, prioritizing the most relevant and important information first.


Check out more information on Hosting; for additional help creating a listing, please e-mail inquiries@tryittiny.com.

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